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The NISMO R34 GTR Z-Tune

A complete car, created from an approved vehicle that has been hand picked by NISMO. A vehicle with less than 30,000 Klms, meets all quality requirements including those for body condition, parts that will be modified are removed, the body is reinforced and all other work is performed before the vehicle is painted and reassembled. All work on the vehicle from engine production to vehicle assembly is performed by expert mechanics using the same hand made craftsmanship used in race cars to achieve specifications and a level of accuracy that is unachievable in mass produced vehicles.


500ps RB26DETT modified Z2 Z-tune concept ENGINE (Spec 2). The heart of the NISMO R34 GTR Z-tune that exhibits such dominating power performance is the RB26DETT modified Z2 engine. To develop an engine that generates high power/torque of more than 368 kw (500ps)/540 N/m (55 kg/m) and provide the high durability required
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